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People standing in front of my locker.....fellow high schoolers may share my pain

Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 4:25 PM By: Shania

I know most high schoolers complain about the listed scenarios when it comes to obstructions just so perfectly placed infront of their lockers.
A) loitering under classmen
B) the young couple sucking face
C) group of random people (whom you could assume to all be friends)
D) the random "tough guy" that stands in the corner in a pathetic effort to make himself believe (as well as make others believe) that he is a hardcore rebel who holds no objections to punching you in the face for looking at him with a sour face
E) the CREEPY weird kid who always stands by himself and picks his nose when no one is watching( or at least when he thinks no one is watching)

I understand how some high schoolers are also annoyed about hearing the same song and dance of this topic, but I don't care about those people. I am sick, sick, sick, sick of this shit! It's not the fact that people hang around my locker that's whatever, but it's the people who refuse to move after being politely asked to do so. Hey, everyone's encountered this person at least once in their life no biggy, I get the pleasure of dealing with that person(s) everyday. EVERYDAY!!!!!
I have no hope that this issue will ever be resolved but all I ask is that if you're this person or if you know people that do this put an end to it. Otherwise one day they will be punched in the face and will have no one to blame but themselves. :)

  1. Amir avatar

    On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 9:03 AM, Amir said:

    damn to all people who never understand what think or what you believe...
    i absolutely know what you say, but i love this one : I am sick, sick, sick, sick of this shit!.......... great! :D

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