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Just thinking..

Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 4:26 AM By: RachelDawn0220

So a lot of people would say that I'm a pretty huge Godsmack fan and if u ever met me, I think you would agree haha but this blog is kinda about how I got into loving Godsmack so bad..and for the record, I'm not trying to get sympathy from anyone, just telling how my life pretty much began so fast.
I'm not gonna tell about my childhood because it was a normal one. At least until I turned 13. My mother was a diabetic and off and on she has to go to the ER which ended in her coming back home that night. Then the time came for when her time was up. With her being the only parent in my life, it was difficult losing her. Even more on my older brother who took me in and raised me at 23 when there was talk about me going away to live with a relative in another state. I'm thankful he did haha. About 3 months after she passed, me and my brother moved into a house down the street from our aunt. It was during the summer so I was home alone and had to actually do things on my own like cook and clean the house...

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