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Obama VS Romney

Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 12:06 PM By: annoynomous1

The race to the finish line continues
who will win Obama or Romney
and do you all think they are really members of opposite teams?
i am starting to believe perhaps no
I think that regardless of who wins the election this November
the results for america and the whole north american continent
will end up closely the same
A country so in debt can only resort to the same few solutions
Tax the people and make them work off that debt
Funny the bible condemns everything but slavery
I assume for a strategic reason indeed
I am of no more faith and truly believe that at this point
we are all in this together
in the battle the USA has begun and the one that will not end
until they WIN or the world fuckin ends

solutions and the movement to make change is not enough
there are not enough people
and not enough $$$$

were fucked

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