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Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 1:07 PM By: annoynomous1

New world order concentration camps?
Real or not real? Ive been doing my research trying to find anything that can debunk this myth and to my surprise there is no such luck...
Obama has passed orders that contain prolonged detention for any one suspected of doing future crimes??? Not based on past or present..but purely future ideas?
Yet Obama is leading the election right now? I'm worried for the people of America...and the fight for their rights...
I am urging you all to do you research on the FEMA camps all throughout america that are going up and are ready for usage...why are they there?
Who are they for??
Why the need of so many caskets???
Caskets that can fit groups of 4 adults..or 2 adults and 3 children?
Also new ways of 'population control' are to be going in effect?
Who does that effect???
I have many many questions left unanswered...Jessie Ventura goes into full research in one of his shows to find out why and is told it doesn't matter because they won't be used for another year or so (this was in 2011) so...coming into 2012 they are built all over america and just finalizing...
residential areas with barbed wire facing the inside..
warning signs on the outside anyone caught going in with any measure to help anyone to escape instantly prosecuted
It is urgent that people start to do their research into the state of America and the actual goals of the government!!
The election is coming fast and Obama is in the lead
Obama the one who agrees that if you disagree with the government and their ways you must be a threat to them and can be put in jail without even a trial
or placed in
'prolonged detention'

The government knows we could tap into free energy provided and save our planet
they don't want that
they need working slaves
can you image the world if we could use free energy??
Please people out there take this seriously it will effect everything you know and the futures of your children
FEMA camps are real and there are several of them set up and ready to go in america
and for what??!?!?!?

Please do your research, please talk and do no be scared to stand out and fight this
only enough people fighting this can make the actual difference
New lawa and bills are passing under the cover all the time
and they use media and porno and money to side track your minds!!!
All they want is complete control
Even facebook is a tracking mechanism...
you all voluntarily put up all information of yourselves
the CIA owns facebook!

Its not good...the state of the future is not to be ignored
we have been warned and warned and why is no one taking it seriously??

Here are some interesting links:::

I am doing my part to speak up and help others
i want to share this with you not because i hate or think im better or more superior than any single one of you but because as a person i feel that we are all the same and we all deserve the right to think and feel and be who we are so long as we are hurting no one...we have the right to be happy...we have the right to say we disagree...and build our planet as a whole together
everyones perspectives and ideas considered
there is ways we can unite and stop this but it takes awareness
we need so many people to become aware to the corruption of our leaders
fight to make a change and a difference
see your children grow into a free world not one of a 'police state'
please share these links with people you love
do your research

we are more in numbers than them
and can stop this before it is too late!!!!

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