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some ppls children

Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 8:50 AM By: annoynomous1

I have a friend whose daughter is now 13 years of age.
This kid is a real piece of work.
She steals from her mother(who is a single parent of 3 and recieves NO support from the father he is a total deadbeat)
She lies constantly, she wears revealing clothing
She is completely manipulative...this woman has called me crying so many times because she really doesn't know what she is doing wrong.
I can tell you before you judge, that this lady is a good woman, she is not an alchoholic, she does not do drugs, she has a clean house all the time and despite being a mother of a 13, 3 and 2 year old still maintains a job as a DJ at nights to support them all very well.
I actually have never met a woman like her.
She is always buying this girl clothes and make up, takes her shopping.
I feel like she does these things to try and make it right but her daughter only continues to steal from her and lie to her.
They had gotten in a fight not so long ago because lets call daughter 'Lucy'
Decided to steal money from her again. She was upset and grounded her.
What did Lucy do? Went to school and cried that her mother hits her!
Next thing you know the authorities are involved and at this womans house.
Turns out, there was nothing to go off of and they left her alone.
Another time when Lucy was seeking for revenge, she locked herself out of the house when playing outside, her mother lets call her 'Mary' had said she could play outside and was inside clue her daughter had locked the door and was standing outside pretending to bang on the door ...Mary lived in a very respected neighbourhood at the time and a lot of them saw this.
Eventually Mary heard wimpering outside and opened the door to see Lucy standing on the step crying and panicking with a bunch of people outside the street on the phone.
But, Mary never locked her out in the first place! It was all an act on behalf of Lucy to try and make Mary look like an abusive parent.
She has gone to her school saying her mother starves her.
She has gone to every member of Marys family and told awful stories, I know and Mary admits she makes mistakes along the way, but this child has nothing good to say to anyone about her, she tells family members that Mary is mean and takes everything away from her, she tells her she hits her and screams all the time
she says mary doesn't do her laundry and makes her wear dirty clothes
she says she is left all alone all the time
Mary has said, yes I have yelled because I feel like I cannot get through to her
She is always stealing from me lying to me and I hear these things and I ask her why she is doing it and she says
I dunno--
I have personally witnessed a few things and mentioned to Mary that Lucy walks all over her
She has always gone that extra mile for Lucy
4 presents on Christmas, gifts all year
Computers, stereo systems...she got her her first private laptop at the age of 8
it was vanished
see, Lucy goes and tells everyone that Mary is a total shit for a mother
but really this woman has raised Lucy with NO help and no support from anyone
She was on her own at 16, pregnant merely 7 months later, and a mother by 17. From what I have heard her speak of the father he sounds like a pretty big loser.
As far as I have known Lucy he has not been present, never takes Lucy for any amount of time
Hardly pays support, though, he will send 100 once in a while now a days and Mary has been so excited to just get that
This woman has raised this child all on her own
When I met her at 24 she had a full time job, was taking Lucy to before school programs early in the morning so she could get to work
she didn't even have a license so she was walking this girl around in the snow.
That is around when I met her.
She hardly takes anything from anyone, so where would her daughter get this idea that is ok to take from her?
I find it hard to understand why Lucy hates her own mother so much
When I look at Mary I admire her
Her strength and ability to keep going...her daughter is 13 this year and she is still trying with her
she has not ever gave up or abandoned her through any of this

Heres another example
a couple years ago Lucy asked Mary if she could get a kitten - Mary said no they could not
because at one point she had a cat and found she was allergic to them
Lucy begged and Mary stood firm that no they could not get a cat because also Lucy was too young to take care of it
being she was around 10---
Lucy with time convinced Mary that she would help take care with the cat litter because understand mary was allergic and she would always play with the cat and what not
Mary goes out and gets her a kitten.
Next thing you know?
Mary gets a call from her mother telling her that she should know that everyone in the town had heard from Lucys grandmother
(lucys dads mom - - this is another story all together, Lucys fathers mom is a jehova witness and thinks Mary worships satan and tells Lucy that all the time)
Lucys grandmother had been told from Lucy on a phone call that Mary didn't even know they had
that Mary had a cat and did not take care of it
Lucy said she has asked her mom to get rid of the cat because she hates it its dirty leaves fur and tries to sleep in her
room then poops in there and her mom wont clean it up
she wishes the cat was gone but her mother insists it stays?
Mary was histeric when she found this out
and was confessing to me ...what do i do?
I suggest she tries to talk to her
when she does Mary will either scream at her tell her shes crazy and she doesn't know what the fuck she is
talking about
or say
I dunno

I am concerned for both of them and I wish I could help
I have read so many articles and I have tried to figure it out
Mary seems desperate and she truly has little support
everyone has heard she is such a bad mother for so long that everyone finds it hard to believe that she is a good person
they have all told her they think she is disgusting and feel sorry for Lucy having to be stuck with her
And have believed because it is a child everything that child says is true

So she ends up telling me a lot
and it breaks my heart

just recently MAry has started dating again and I am so happy for her
He seems like a really great guy and they connect really well
Mary came forth and asks me
can i ask you a question without you telling anyone...
Of course, always I say

She says well....Lucy has been acting really strange around Cliff
She will sit really close to him and reach out her hand slowly to touch his hand
and when i say hey she will look at me roll her eyes and say 'what' in a sarcastic tone
She said Lucy has been now dressing provacatively when cliff is around
and found out she told cliffs also 13 year old daughter that MAry is mean and cruel when no one else is
around and that she is always yelling and screaming at her
but she is pretending to be nice for Cliff
and of course Cliffs daughter has now told Cliff
so turns out he flips out on her and is worried about Lucy too!
Can you imagine???
What does this woman do??

I have told her to leave them all behind but she says well what do I do
I cant just kick her out there is no one else to raise her
and I love her and I want to try

But until Lucy leaves home I truly believe Mary will never be allowed to be happy
and I hate seeing her this way.....

I want to help her get through to Lucy and when I try to talk to Lucy about respecting her mom and how
great of a mom she is shes like yeh i know
she has never actually said anything terrible to me about Mary but I know she knows
that I dont believe it because I See through it
When people are around aside from me she will come walk through the room and be like
Love you mom
and you can see Marys face brighten love you too darling
she will not confess to these people what is going on
they believe everything is fine and with Lucys act that she is this great kid
and that Mary is the one acting

its so bizarre
i wonder if any other person is going through this or knows someone who might be
or how they got through it

I think Mary needs to go to foster care personally...but i suggest it and Mary says everyone will then assume
it was her shit parenting that put her there and only feel more sorry for Lucy...

I cant image what is coming when she turns 16

  1. elly avatar

    On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 5:51 PM, elly said:

    Wow, she really needs help. I'm sure there is some type of help of counselling she and her daughter could go to. She really needs to do something before it gets worse. She needs help with her daughter and she should be careful she doesn't try something with the b/f, that he touched her or something. It seems to me the daughter is asking for help, all these things she is doing is for attention. I would take her somewhere to find out what is going on. Now, rather then when she comes home pregnant, or runs away or who knows

    I wish your friend all the best and hope she finds out what is behind her daughters actions. She's lucky to have a caring friends like you to help support her through this.

    I would seek counselling and make the daughter go, she might in the end be thankful to get things out.

    Good luck to them. She's too young to be living her life that way and when she's older, she hopefully will look back and regret.

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