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Problems in the world today pt 2

Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 3:18 PM By: annoynomous1

United States of american Election date is coming faster and faster
and with the new president, or second term of Obama
will come that many more changes
I for starters just have to say I can't believe that the people of America have let it go from George Bush (The Ultimate fuck up president) to Barack Obama(The ultimate scandal president)
I am thankful I do not live in America and can say that I feel sorry for many of the people there - You have the most corrupt government there is, one that has caused more pain upon the people in the last 50 years than 'freed' anyone
In fact you are all in debt, depressed and selling your souls for $$$$$
I personally fear the Americans and their government, I know my country is mocked in that country, and our people are treated like shit
simply because of where we are from.
I know I live in a country that has been threatened from the American government on several occasions and I know that if they had to they would try to take my country from me
For more $ more land more resources
Steal, Lie, Steal Lie PRAY PRAY PRAY
that is no way to seriously manage a whole entire country
And the american people have ALL the choice!! Yet this keeps happening
American people do you actually even VOTE?!?! do you actually try to make a difference to the planet to the futures of your children?
or do you just do what all your friends and family is doing and go with it so as not to appeart an outcast?
No one wants to be the outcast of course because they know and have witnessed what that is like to someone else, so rather, just blend in
Seriously now
Your votes count for so many people all across our planet and what are doing??
You have so much power and what?
You would rather worry about the grammar of some blog you read??!
That is part of the issue, the anger and rage of America is unbelievable
And if only other countries could actually vote too
maybe if other countries started voting for you guys then something productive other than war, fear, hate and pain and depression would dominate your country and your lives
Proves the more you have the more you take everything for granted
I realize that some of you are suffering in America
the problem is that you are convinced it cant change
unless someone changes it for you!!
When all it takes is you
I am fully expecting either no comments or some americans to pipe in and put me in my place
Every country surrounding you realizes anger and revenge is your ppl and your leaders way of dealing with it
The american slogan of the leaders..and the people

I am sick and tired of bowing down to your country
I am not going to fear being an individual

I cant even imagine what it is like knowing that people have that much control over you and your family

How can you all sit back and do nothing knowing that this next election may make or break your country??!
Oh ya cuz all the youth are too busy listening to hoochie music tramping around and acting like morons
and the adults are too busy encouraging
Half of your country consists of males that sneak around and look at little girls behind their wives back
Step fathers fucking their step daughters
Women sleeping with best friends husbands
Greed on every corner
everything TAboo is now marketed
ugly behaviors and morales
we are to blame but you guys have the votes
WTF are u doing
Religion is outta control
War is on the brink
Do you for get that when Obama killed Osama he mentioned
this may cause High Terrorist alerts all through USA?
He passes a law you can be immediately arrested if even assumed you are a terrorist?
To his own people??
I could go on for so long...but big problem in the world?
No one gives a fuck
Until they are told to

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