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PNC New Jersey

Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 6:27 AM

Went to the show last night, a ton of bands there, but just went for Godsmack though. Great show as usual, they really had the place going crazy at points of the show! Highlights for me were surprisingly Voodoo, a great song, but in my mind had heard on radio so many times in the beginning that it was played out, but it was great. The drum battle was awesome also! Sully was very lively and playful, near end of the show he was messing with Tony's mic, first time I saw Tony smile at a show :)! He was also messing with Shannon and Robbie.

During Megadeth I caught a guitar pick, I am not a fan and there was a young guy behind me screaming for Megadeth all night, so I turned around and gave it to him, he was very happy. The rock gods must have been watching because at end of drum battle, Shannon launched 2 drumsticks towards my row, one of them deflected off of a guy two seats away from me, hit me in the side and I grabbed it before it hit ground!!! Made my night to get one of his drumsticks! I kept that one for myself! Didn't have to wrestle for it either, as I saw two instances where two people had their hands on drumsticks and were at a standstill. Two women who exchanged nasty words as they held on tight and two men who wrestled for it. The drumstick has GS logo and his name on it and was one he drummed with as it is beat up a bit. Thanks Shannon!!!

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  1. Re: PNC New Jersey

    Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 6:46 AM

    Incredibly wicked of you to pass the pick along. Just as cool as getting a stick and not having to battle for it (must have been them rock gods again) You have experienced a very rare sighting, they always said it existed but I had my doubts. TONY SMILED! I enjoy watching him play tho, he seems so focused and in his own world. I love that about him! Congrats again on your stick!
    ~ I'm tougher then nails, I can promise you that~

  2. Re: PNC New Jersey

    Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    I was at that show also, when Sully was moving Tony's mic up and down on him and then Tony smiled, I had to take as double take to make sure it was Tony, but overall the show was great, Godsmack clearly stole the show, they the had the best energy of all the bands and it showed through the fans, like NYCGSFAN said at times the place was going crazy, Megadeth was pretty great also, never saw them live before so it was fun to see them for the first time, Disturbed seemed OK, nothing great, kinda hard to follow up after the performance Godsmack gave.

    Funny little story when Godsmack came on, these two Disturbed fans were sitting in front of me, and were talking crap about Godsmack saying they should not be on this tour and how they suck, these two fans were sitting thru the first half of Godsmack's performance, by the end of Godsmack's set, they were standing and going nuts and were really into it, that was pretty cool, it was a great night.

    NYCGSFAN that was a real stand up thing you did for that Megadeth fan.
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