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Couple Points on Tampa, etc.

Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 2:19 PM

Let me start this off by saying that I am not bashing or complaining, as Godsmack has been my favorite band for 14 years now and I have seen them live 13 times. With that said...

The Tampa show musically was awesome. They give 110% effort and I've never seen anything less from them. I had a great time watching Godsmack and Staind (those are the only two bands I watched) and had pit tickets as usual. There wasn't any sort of stage set up (not even a banner which I though was odd) but I feel as though Godsmack has reached a point in their career that they can walk out on stage, have no stage show whatsoever and blow everybody away. This was the case not only tonight, but the past four shows I've seen them pay.

However, since the release of The Oracle, Godsmack has come to Florida on 4 separate tours, and I caught 5 shows all together on those four tours: Orlando, Tampa, West Palm, Orlando, Tampa. Aside from the first date which was direct support for The Oracle, the set list has been exactly the same plus or minus one song. I understand the relative ease of jumping onto a festival versus a headlining tour and the crowd that they play to while on a festival, but I just don't understand why the set list can never be changed.

I understand some songs are a staple in the live show, but it needs to evolve beyond playing a greatest hits show. Godsmack has an extensive back catalog and up until recently, they would tap into it on each tour. I recall a wide array of songs on the Faceless tour, the IV Tour and the actual Oracle tour, but over the past 18 months the set list has been nearly identical.

I may be a bit biased because I am strongly against festivals, mainly for set list and set time reasons, but this is getting to an aggravating level. I will never miss a Godsmack show, but it would be nice to change it up. The best live bands today (not including Godsmack) play a two hour show with a wide range of songs on their set lists, often times changing the set list show to show. Bands like Metallica, RHCP, Pearl Jam, and Aerosmith (to name a few) have been on the absolute top for quite some time now, yet their live show is constantly changing. Yes, there are certain staple songs that need to be played yet there are plenty of non-radio songs that are played too..

Godsmack undoubtedly have the potential to rival the longevity and success of these bands (I have no doubt they will) but evolution into more of a big time, 2 hour huge set list band needs to happen. They are much more than a greatest hits radio set band, I've seen it and I so badly want to see it again.

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