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Suicide Silence @ The National (Richmond, VA)

Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 3:13 PM

Doing this from my phone so it will be brief.

Went to see Suicide Silence (and also Unearth and A Skylit Drive) in Richmond, Virginia last night.

The sound was perfect and the crowd very knowledgeable. That makes a huge difference at this kind of show. It's not for the weak of heart so having a crowd of curious passersby can make or break the night. Richmond has a solid metal scene with a lot of exceptional local bands (Lamb Of God, Gwar, Municipal Waste, etc.).

Apparently someone from the venue pissed Mitch (singer) off right before their set so he came out raging... hurling abuse at the bouncers and staff, telling the crowd to boycott The National, burn the place down. It was my third time seeing them (and first time as headliners) and they were MUCH more aggressive and angry this time. They played a tight, violent set. Loved it.

Took some photos. Will post a few of the decent ones when I get home.

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