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Will the band do "make a wish" requests

Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 2:37 PM

I am a huge Godsmack fan. I was diagnosed with a rare bladder disease that currently only 10ppl in the USA have. Because its a relatively new disease there is no cure and nothing to help with the symptoms besides 3 diff. surgeries. I have had all 3 procedures and they have failed. My quality of life exp. is against me. I find often listening to Godsmack helps me get through my days. I just recently turned 30 I was supposed to go to the last concert held in NJ but ended up having to have emergency surgery. I try to make the best of my lfie and help ppl obtain happiness. I run a charity for the homeless in my county and have recieved the MLK engagement award for 2012. I am feeling relatively healthy right now and in good spirits something I don't always know ahead of time this is why I kinda waited till last second to see how I would feel, how my medication was working and so on. I want so desprately to go to the Concert this Friday Uproar @PNC in NJ...Please Please Please if any staff could get ahold of the band to find out if I can make a wish for tickets let me know. There is more to my story I will share with members of management or the band if giving the chance. This would mean the world to me. If so and this could happen my email is

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