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A Little Rant

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 1:54 PM

I have become accustomed to my sister, niece and 2nd nephew not acknowledging when I send gifts, but when I send more than a gift card, something special, I would like a thank you. Even if it comes over in a text message, just let me know it was appreciated.

My sister and I are not Christians; I personally keep my religious discussions to a minimum, but she's quite outspoken. However, my niece is Christian, and has often referred to herself as a "Jesus Freak". OK, I think that's a bit inappropriate, but I see what she's getting at (plus, she's 18...a young 18).

Anyway, in 1978, my mother, sister and I painted a ceremic set of the Nativity Scene. We never got it "fired", and once my mother got sick again, it just stayed in the original un-fired state. When I was younger, I would display it with my holiday decorations; but years ago, I decided to stop doing that, as it was not for me. My niece did see it over the years and commented how much she liked this year, I packed it up very carefully, and sent it to her.

They picked up the pacakge Saturday, and even if they didn't open it then, they would have yesterday. No acknowledgement at all. I even included a note saying how much my mother, the grandmother she never got to meet, would be happy knowing it was with her.

So, I know most of our topics here are light an breezy and not too in-depth, but I just had to vent. Ugh.

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