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Godsmack having 2 different first albums?

Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 5:21 PM

I know that Godsmack released a pre-first album All Wound Up but then it was remastered and released as the self-titled 'Godsmack' that we all know and love. I have two copies of this CD, however and they are both slightly different. The only differences I can pick up on is that the older of the two CDs not only has a vocal part in the background during a lead guitar part on Moon Baby (about 3 minutes in) but also Bad Religion starts with a man saying "Now the word of God says we will receive praise of God, God will begin to speak forth, our richetousness is of him, sayith the Lord".

Does anyone else know what i am talking about? Ive searched through forums and online and cannot find any PROOF of two self-titled releases but i have the actual proof in my CD case.

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