ARTIST Direct Feature: Godsmack, Seether, & Buckcherry Keep Rock Alive!

“In light of his recent statements declaring rock music dead, it’s clear that Gene Simmons hasn’t seen Godsmack live this summer.
The Boston quartet’s headlining set at last week’s Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR festival in Irvine packed in enough hits, distortion, fire, and bravado to singlehandedly shoot down any and all feelings that said genre’s funeral has come and gone. The curtain dropped and the boys launched right into a hypercharged “1000hp”. 

Frontman Sully Erna flawlessly carried each and every word, battering out the six-string groove at the same time. Tony Rombola delivered a show-stopping lead—the first of many—and Robbie Merrill’s could be heard back in Lawrence, MA. Shannon Larkin drove the assault from his drum perch, pounding out each beat with animalistic charm. Godsmack didn’t stop cruising at that high-speed either, taking rock ‘n’ roll to the top with them.”

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